The sixth case: a number of violations and abuses on some of companies executing a number of projects in the city of Riyadh were detected, and after completing the investigation procedures, (23) persons were accused of bribery crimes, embezzlement and squandering of public money, money laundering and administrative misuse. They were referred to the competent court and rulings have been issued against (17) Persons, including (10) employees in the Municipality of Riyadh and two businessmen for imprisonment of periods ranging between six months to five years and financial fines totaling (1,385,000) one million and three hundred and eighty five thousand riyals, and confiscation of the amounts of money subject to the lawsuit amounting to (130,000) one hundred and thirty thousand riyal.
The seventh case: investigation procedures included charging an officer with a rank of Major and a non-commissioned officer with a rank of a sergeant in the Ministry of Defense for committing embezzlement of (3,600,000) and having a side business. Upon referring them to the competent court, a ruling was issued against them, the first person was sentenced for five years and a fine of (20,000) twenty thousand riyals, and the second for imprisonment of (2) years, and a fine of (30,000) thirty thousand riyals.
The eighth case: an employee of the Ministry of Interior was accused for the crime of forgery and administrative misuse, resulting in public harm by disbursing sums not due to him, and by referring him to the competent court, he was sentenced for (3) years, and a fine of (120,000) one hundred and twenty one thousand riyals, and confiscate an amount of (67,941) sixty-seven thousand nine hundred and forty-one riyals, and oblige him to return the sums illegally obtained which amounts to (70,898) seventy thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine riyals.
Several rulings were issued for other defendants regarding administrative and financial corruption cases that require imprisonment ranging from three months to a year as well as financial fines.
The Authority reaffirms its continuation to monitor anyone who embezzles on public money or exploits their job to achieve hisher personal gain or harm the public interest, and that it will continue to apply the law on violators.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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