235,000 Nurses Work in Saudi Arabia in 2023

Riyadh: The Ministry of Health has announced an increase in registered nurses working in the Kingdom's healthcare sector, celebrating this growth on International Nurses Day. According to a ministry report, the number of nurses in 2023 had grown by over 23% since 2016, with over 235,461 nurses working in the public and private sectors. The report said this growth reflects a growing interest in the profession and the Kingdom's investment in ensuring adequate staffing and high-quality care. Saudi Arabia now boasts 14 universities offering nursing programs, whose graduates, qualified Saudi specialists in various fields, are a valuable resource to the country. The Ministry of Health credits this increase to the efforts it exerted, in partnership with the concerned government entities, to implement, under the Health Sector Transformation Program, a strategy that buttresses and empowers the nursing profession. The Health Sector Transformation Program, one of Saudi Vision 2030 programs, lends support to health cadres in the Kingdom in order to ensure the provision of high-quality health services. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Diriyah Company and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Join Forces for a Healthier, Safer Workforce

Diriyah, Diriyah Company and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration in the healthcare sector by facilitating the exchange of important information on education and training programs, according to a press release from the company. The MoU also seeks to raise awareness about occupational health and safety in the workplace. Through this partnership, the two parties aim to deliver positive developments in healthcare system and contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of the Diriyah community. The MoU, signed by Diriyah Company's Group CEO Jerry Inzerillo and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Secretary General Prof. Aws Alshamsan, is part of a broader company initiative, in partnership with other organizations, to raise occupational health standards in all projects. It prioritizes fostering a safe and healthy work environment. The collaboration focuses on strengthening various healthcare specialties in Diriyah, including emergency medical services and crisis management. This will be achieved by enhancing the expertise and efficiency of the healthcare workers through joint training and development programs. Moreover, services offered by the Commission for Health Specialties will be leveraged through this coordination, which will facilitate organizing health, safety, and occupational health exhibitions and conferences. To deepen cooperation, a representative from the commission will be appointed to the Constituent Council of the Diriyah Initiative for Occupational Safety and Health Programs. This enables the commission to provide valuable services, including occupational registration and classification, license renewals for healthcare professionals working on Diriyah projects. According to the release, Diriyah Company is "fully committed" to implementing stringent occupational health and safety standards across its development projects, raising community awareness about the issue, and developing its workers' compet encies to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. 'These efforts align with the strategy to transform Diriyah into a renowned tourist and cultural destination,' said the release. The aim is to attract over 50 million visits by 2030, contributing to the broader vision of helping diversify the national economy. Source: Saudi Press Agency

CBAHI Translates its Standards into Arabic to Enhance Delivery of Health Services

Riyadh: The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) has launched a project to translate its standards into Arabic and spread the culture of healthcare in society and all health sectors. CBAHI Director General Salim Alwahabi said the project also aims to encourage translating books and scientific and medical terms into Arabic to reach a larger audience of healthcare service beneficiaries in the Kingdom. He added that this step enriches the Arabic content in the healthcare field. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Health Minister Participates in Panel Discussion on Future of Global Health

Riyadh, Minister of Health Fahad Al-Jalajel participated in a panel discussion on the future of global health, at the World Economic Forum Special Meeting, held here on 28-29, in which Supervisor General of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah and Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates took part as well. Al-Jalajel highlighted the need for proactive measures to address future challenges posed to health by climate, and said coordinated cooperation is needed to mitigate the impact of epidemics and emergencies. He said that the Kingdom secures effective sectorial collaboration in all policies through the ministerial committee for health, by integrating health, justice, and sustainability in all decision-making processes, thus improving the Kingdom's health status. He stressed the pivotal role the Kingdom plays in the region and globally toward a polio-free world. He said that the steps the world took towards eradicating polio signify progr ess but also show hope for a healthier future. He said that a polio-free world would be a significant success and a testament to global cooperation, with the Kingdom playing a pivotal role. Al-Jalajel also stressed the need to confront global health challenges, and to learn from past experiences to mitigate the impact of pandemics and emergencies. Talking about health threats, he said that antimicrobial resistance is a silent epidemic that must be addressed, and urged attendees to attend the fourth Global High-Level Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance, which will be held in the Kingdom between November 15 and 16. The minister said: "Let us remain committed to making a healthier and more resilient planet for future generations. Remember that this investment in global health is not just a benefit; it is a strategic necessity for a prosperous and more resilient future." Al-Jalajel also said that a memorandum of understanding was signed by the Saudi Ministry of Health and the Bill and Melinda G ates Foundation focusing on cooperation in several areas to improve monitoring diseases and diagnostic tools, provide safe health solutions, and offer technical assistance to enhance vaccine production capacity of the Kingdom to help low- and middle-income countries have access to lower-cost vaccines to combating polio, and contribute to global preparedness and response to pandemics. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Doctors Society in Ireland Holds Second Annual Meeting

Dublin, The Saudi Doctors Society in Ireland (SDRSI), in collaboration with the Saudi Cultural Bureau, held yesterday its Second Scientific Annual Meeting under the theme "Creating the Rhythm of Success", to introduce Saudi medical students to the available medical programs in Ireland and provide Saudi doctors and medical students with a platform to connect and share experience. Cultural Attaché at the Saudi Embassy here Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Fuhaid stressed the importance of these networking events to guiding medical students through their training years. SDRSI President Ibrahim Yassin said that several medical training bodies in Ireland took part in the meeting, which featured scientific activities and an exhibition showcasing the most prominent achievements and research of Saudi doctors studying in Ireland. Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Arabia Draws New Map for Global Health Tourism

Riyadh: The Health Tourism Club and the Health Tourism Association, in partnership with the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC), started here today the Health Tourism Future Forum aiming to identify priorities and redefine visions for health tourism at regional and international levels. The forum, which drew a wide participation from various health sectors and service providers, coincides with the eighth anniversary of the launch of the Saudi Vision 2030, and is happening at a time when the Kingdom holds the position of vice president of the GHTC. It serves as an annual global platform for the health tourism industry to develop strategies for the health tourism sector in the Kingdom, highlights the Kingdom's capabilities in the sector, and pinpoints investment opportunities in the tourism and healthcare sectors. Health Tourism Association President Ahmed Al-Oraij noted that the forum is the first health tourism initiative launched from a promising, empowered, and qualified country that possesses all the elements and standards needed to make it competitive in the healthcare sector. Al-Oraij said the Health Tourism Association will become a reliable and empowering reference for this industry, and help promote the Kingdom as a leading destination for health tourism, showcasing its potential and capabilities, and providing qualification and training programs. Health Sector Transformation Program CEO Dr. Khalid Al-Shaibani stressed that a healthy society contributes directly to national development and creates new economic opportunities. He highlighted four key areas of the program: improving access to healthcare, improving quality of services, promoting preventive measures for health hazards, and prioritizing traffic safety. Al-Shaibani said that the health sector transformation has yielded positive results, including the adoption of a modern healthcare model emphasizing public health and prevention, wider research and development, innovation, and the transition toward digital health services. The Health To urism Future Forum provides a platform for experts and specialists in medical tourism to share knowledge and expertise. It fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop this vital sector, and showcases the latest technologies and innovations in healthcare and medical tourism aiming at establishing the Kingdom as a preferred destination for treatment and health recreation. The forum also addresses challenges, proposes innovative solutions for sustainable growth, and works to raise awareness about the need to prioritize health and well-being. It is the culmination of the Kingdom's endeavors to boost medical tourism and enhance the local and global healthcare sector. The three-day event includes a range of activities such as presentations, workshops, a young researchers' forum, discussions, bilateral business meetings, seminars, and interactive sessions. The activities focus on different aspects of medical tourism, including innovation, investment, marketing, and legislation. Source : Saudi Press Agency