Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, delivered a televised speech on Tuesday morning, marking the tenth Day of Ashura.

Addressing a huge political and popular crowd that had gathered at Ashura courtyard in one of Beirut's southern suburbs, Nasrallah affirmed "full commitment to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people as honest refugees working for their return to their homeland."

He reiterated the resistance's adherence to the Palestinian cause, saying: "We support Palestine, its people and its cause, and vow eternal commitment to liberate it, knowing that this position costs us a lot."

Nasrallah stressed that "the position of the Palestinian people is the pillar to bring down the Deal of the Century," denouncing the desecration of Netanyahu of the Palestinian holy sites.

Pointing to Ashura, Nasrallah thanked the Lebanese army and official forces for their efforts to enable people to mark the event.

"This large crowd is a response to that historic call from the center of the Karbala desert and that bloody confrontation. Today, as time has passed, we feel that Hussein calls us to the Day of Resurrection, starting with the voice of all the tormented and oppressed in our country and all the countries of the world," he said.

Touching on the Yemeni scene, Nasrallah accused the US-British alliance of their continued absurd war on Yemen. He also called on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to stop war on Yemen because it will only bring them "humiliation."

Commenting on the US sanctions, the Hezbollah Secretary-General deemed them "unjust sanctions against Iran and Syria, as well as on resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq."

He also condemned "the imposition of sanctions on Lebanese banks and on rich Shiite people who have nothing to do with Hezbollah," calling for reconsideration of this policy.

The Secretary-General also urged the Lebanese state and government to defend the Lebanese and their institutions.

Finally, Nasrallah stressed the failure of the Zionist entity's wars on Lebanon and Palestine, and the US policies through the Takfiris, saying: "America is doing so for the sake of Israel.

Source: National News Agency

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