Dr.Al-Shalaan: Finding alternative solutions to the challenges facing investors in the educational sector
The Director-General of Education in the Eastern Region, Dr. Nasser Al-Shalaan, explained that private and foreign education is a synonym for government education by employing the distinct human and material potentials in the educational field and as an integral part of the ministry’s educational system, especially that its goals and directions are the same as the goals and directions of the ministry, were creating an atmosphere It is suitable for partnership with the business sector in providing quality education opportunities according to various options, especially since both of them receive unlimited support from our rational government, may God bless it, and the Ministry of Education is working to translate its goals related to the ambitious vision 2030.
The Director of Education, Dr. Nasser Al-Shalaan, said during the virtual expanded meeting for the education sector organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Training and Education Committee on Sunday October 25, 2020, amid the participation of the members of the Committee, along with the owners and owners of private and foreign schools in the Eastern and moderated by the Chairman of the Committee Khaled Al-Juaira, saying that we are living these days in An exceptional period and major challenges in light of the pandemic that require all of us, at the governmental and private education level, to work in the spirit of one team and to double efforts to follow up performance in a way that contributes to achieving the desired goals, and to create opportunities for improvement in front of the challenges facing the investment sector in private and foreign education in the Eastern Region and to help them overcome this stage as well as highlighting the efforts that accompanied and highlighted distance education in private and foreign schools by making use of modern electronic and technical services.
The Director of Education affirmed that the doors of the Ministry of Education are represented in the educational departments and are legislated to provide all kinds of support and opportunities for improvement to the private education sector, to represent their voice in the ministry and to encourage investors, in a manner that guarantees the quality of its outputs as a strategic partner in the map of the educational system, especially since government and private education represent two sides of the same coin that falls in the box. The advancement of our sons and daughters, students, in light of the generous support that the education sector is witnessing from our wise leadership, for its complete belief that the best investment lies in building the human being.
Al-Shalaan explained that facilitating, facilitating, and finding alternative solutions to the challenges facing investors in the educational sector, especially in light of what the Corona pandemic has brought about, is the slogan of the current stage, and that the general trend is more partnerships with the business sector, listening to it and taking their proposals to overcome this crisis.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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