Riyadh, The General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the rectors of OIC universities held a video conference on 2 June 2020 to discuss challenges being faced by the OIC universities amid Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
Assistant Secretary General for Science & Technology, Ambassador Askar Mussinov, represented the OIC General Secretariat while rectors of the Islamic University of Technology in Bangladesh, the Islamic University of Uganda, the Islamic University in Niger and the International Islamic University in Malaysia attended the meeting.
The rectors of the OIC universities expressed their appreciation for the support being extended for them by the OIC General Secretariat and relevant OIC institutions. They outlined various challenges being faced by the universities as a result of the outbreak and the measures adopted by the universities to address these challenges. The rectors highlighted the importance of redefining their teaching methodologies to meet the future demands of a post-COVID-19 world. They expressed their readiness to further strengthen the linkages between them and to continue to exchange ideas and experiences in the areas of teaching, research, and innovation.
Ambassador Mussinov briefed participants about the efforts being made by the OIC General Secretariat and its relevant OIC institutions to help OIC Member States in their fight against COVID-19. He commended the universities for helping their local communities in the fight against the pandemic by developing diagnostic and preventive solutions, and urged the universities to continue their efforts towards research and innovation. Ambassador Mussinov reiterated the importance of building collaborative linkages between science, academia, and industry.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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