Officials: The “Saber” platform aims to improve the cross-border trade index and improve the import experience
Officials at the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization emphasized the importance of the Saber platform launched by the authority in achieving many desired goals, including Facilitating the entry procedures for goods and reducing commercial fraud.
The Director of the Technical Regulations Department at the Authority, Sultan bin Saleh Al-Shehri, explained during a workshop organized on the evening of Sunday 25 October 2020, the Asharqia Chamber in cooperation with the Authority to introduce the services of the Saber platform and review the mechanism of work in it, and managed by a member of the Commercial Committee Fahd bin Saeed Al-Sahim that the platform is characterized by shortening the time required for product launch In the Saudi market and facilitating the obtaining of conformity certificates for consumer goods, whether imported or locally manufactured, to enter the Saudi market, indicating that it aims to enhance product safety, raise the conformity index percentage to 80 percent, improve the cross-border trade index, reduce the time for customs clearance, and improve the import experience And obtaining the required certificates of conformity, and protecting the consumer from non-conforming products in the Saudi market, pointing out that “Saber” is an integrated electronic service that allows merchants of consumer goods to register their facilities in the system, and their consumer product data, whether imported or locally manufactured. In order to obtain the required certificates of conformity and certificates of conformity of consignments through the platform for products in the Saudi market.
For this part, the general supervisor of the product safety program at the authority, Abdul-Malik bin Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri said that the platform aims to protect commercial establishments from cases of fraud and to ensure that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of the consumer or his environment, stressing that the platform is subject to development in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency In terms of speed of completion of registration, as well as in reducing the time taken to obtain the required certificates.
He said that the (Saber) platform carries many added values, the most prominent of which are: direct contribution to raising the safety of products in the market, and raising the safety of products in the market, in addition to that the platform has made the customs clearance for the merchant to receive the product within 24 hours, and the availability of an electronic record of the products with an explanation of the destination The conformity assessment and port for each product, indicating continuous improvements to the system to meet the needs of the beneficiaries, pointing out that “Saber” is a multi-party and multi-party electronic platform that includes all products, and is applicable to all responsible regulatory authorities in the Kingdom.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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