Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Celebrates “Year of Saudi Coffee 2022”

Dubai, On the occasion of the designation of 2022 as the “Year of Saudi Coffee”, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pavilion participating in Expo 2020 Dubai highlighted, through a short film that was shown on its huge digital screen, the importance of the initiative launched by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, through which it celebrates Saudi coffee, as one of the main elements in Saudi culture and folklore, which is linked to the identity and culture of the Kingdom and a symbol of the hospitality of all segments of its society.
The short film drew the attention of visitors to the pavilion, as it presented in its scenes a special view at the importance and status of coffee in Saudi society, with its different types, flavors and tastes, as these types represent multiple regions of the Kingdom.
Also, the Saudi pavilion at the International Exhibition of Expo 2020 Dubai enables its visitors to taste the different types of coffee that are served in the regions of the Kingdom, by embracing “Sard” restaurant, which provides visitors to the pavilion with a wide variety of Saudi coffee.
Saudi coffee has been able to transcend the boundaries of the concept of a popular drink, to turn into a special and important symbol, bearing deep connotations of generosity, hospitality and cultural diversity in the Kingdom, which is one of the world’s most coffee consuming countries, and is currently striving to achieve self-sufficiency in Saudi “Khawlani” coffee beans and raising its economic return, with the aim of contributing to raising the non-oil GDP.
The initiative of “Year of Saudi Coffee 2022”, which was celebrated by the Kingdom’s pavilion aims to highlight the cultural diversity in the Saudi society and its distinguished hospitality, in addition to highlighting the Saudi Khawlani coffee as an authentic Saudi product, in addition to highlighting the tools, ingredients and methods of preparation of Saudi coffee, whose industry in recent years has constituted a gateway for many entrepreneurs to start creating special projects based on coffee and its ingredients.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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