Kuala Lumpur, The Minister of Religious Affairs, Datuk Idris Ahmad of Malaysia affirmed that serving the pilgrims by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a noble message and a trust that Allah the Almighty has honored this country with throughout the history.

He pointed out that the Kingdom provides, every year, a package of services that adopts electronic applications and the latest technology to ensure a successful and comfortable Hajj journey for the pilgrims, seen in its focus on improving services by raising the efficiency of performance, and proficiency in providing services that ensure smooth and ease of procedures and the speed of completing them accurately and providing high-quality services to pilgrims to facilitate the performance of Hajj rituals.

The Malaysian Minister of Religious Affairs also underlined that Makkah Route Initiative, which is being implemented in Malaysia for the 4th year clearly reflects the Kingdom's remarkable development in all fields.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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