Education Minister Abbas Al-Halabi Announces Continued School Closures in Southern Border Areas for Monday, October 30

Beirut—Caretaker Education Minister Abbas Al-Halabi today announced the extension of the decision to close public and private schools, institutes, and vocational schools situated in Lebanon's southern border areas for Monday, October 30, 2023.

According to a new release by National News Agency - Lebanon, the closure is specific to the southern border regions. For schools adjacent to international borders, the decision on whether or not to close will be left to individual school principals. All other schools in different Lebanese regions are to continue their normal operations.

The Minister also emphasized the right of every student to enroll in the public school closest to their new place of residence, should they be displaced. Additionally, displaced educational staff have the right to enroll in existing schools in the areas where they have moved, as long as the relevant educational districts are informed of such changes.

Al-Halabi urged citizens to stay updated through the Ministry of Education's official statements. He indicated that the decision to extend school closures in the southern border areas will remain in effect until further notice.