ZATCA Foils Two Attempts to Smuggle More Than 8.3 M. Captagon Pills at Jeddah Port


The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) successfully thwarted today two attempts to smuggle more than 8.3 million Captagon pills, at Jeddah Islamic Port, after finding them hidden in two consignments.
In a statement, ZATCA explained that, in the first attempt, 3,054,000 Captagon pills were found hidden inside a consignment of onions, while in the second attempt, 5,281,250 Captagon pills, were hidden in a consignment of silicone barrels.
Upon investigation findings, three persons were arrested for being involved in the smuggling attempts prior to sending them to justice, authorities said.
At the same time, ZATCA called for contributing to the fight against smuggling to protect society and the national economy by calling the security reports number 1910 or via e-mail @ 1910 or the international number 00966114208417.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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