Riyadh, The e-Government Program (Yesser ) has launched a mechanism for applying remote work procedures in government agencies as a proactive step in adopting work remotely in line with the directives of the government to suspend attendance at work places in all government agencies, to maintain the pace of work in those agencies without interruption while ensuring the highest levels of service provision through the portal of information technology leaders cio.gov.sa.

Through this mechanism, the program provided a set of the most important tools for sharing work for free, as government agencies can use them as technical systems in the event that work is done remotely.

To achieve the benefit of government agencies from these procedures, the (Yesser ) program has provided channels of support and assistance, whereby any party can submit inquiries by calling the number 199091 for support of the Information Technology leadership Portal in addition to the citizen Interaction Center to take advantage of the support services which the center provides through the number 199099 or visit the website www.199099.gov.sa.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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