Geneva, Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations in Yemen "Rasd" said that the human rights situation in Yemen has deteriorated since the coup of Houthi militia and their rebellion against the legitimate authority took place, pointing out that without the continuation of this ominous coup the violations of the Houthi militia of international human rights law and international humanitarian law would have not increased to the current extent.

Arwa al-Khattabi, member of Rasd coalition, said in her speech to the Human Rights Council that the group of eminent experts on Yemen relied in its report on meetings and visits arranged in cooperation with the militia, which means that it has overlooked many other violations and war crimes committed by the militia in areas not under its control.

She added that, the report of the team doesn't differentiate between recognized deliberate violations and the accidental mistakes that habitually occur in all wars, despite the fact that all investigation, disclosure and reparation measures have been taken in accordance with the principles of international law.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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