MARIB, Spokesperson of Yemeni National Military Brigadier Abdu Mujalli stated that Yemeni National Military has been committed to truce in Hodeidah governorate per instructions of President of the Republic�Commander-in-Chief�and troops are standing on high alert, ready to take the lead in the battle in case the ongoing negotiations collapse, the militia refuses to come to peace and orders issued to the armed forces to act.

His statement came at press conference he held Statuary in Marib city in which he covered the latest developments about combat operations and military advancements gained the National Military troops in different fronts.

Mujalli stated that Houthi rebel militiamen have continued to breach the truce in Hodeidah, they have committed 1120 breaches out of which 530 violations targeted military sites ever since the cease-fire have taken its effects, resulted in killing 65 of the civilians.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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