Women’s empowerment efforts boosted women entrepreneurs to enter the practice of entrepreneurship in the East region
The Director of the Business Women Center in the Asharqia Chamber, Hanan Al-Wabel, said that the center seeks to provide a qualitative addition in caring for the interests of businesswomen in the region, through distinguished performance and various services, so that these services will drive their institutions to further development and renewal, and in a manner that enhances their contribution The comprehensive development process for the region, in a way that achieves the aspirations and aspirations of society, as well as the aspirations of the Chamber, and the hopes of businesswomen.
Al-Wabel indicated that the number of the Chamber’s participants reached about (10192) female participants and that this number is a natural product of what women began to enjoy under the wise leadership, and she alluded to the total services provided by the center to businesswomen such as advisory and awareness services such as meetings, workshops, etc. Subscriptions and authentication of commercial documents and notebooks and the authenticity of documents, keeping and updating databases, ensuring quick and easy access to them for subscribers, as well as acting as a link through the Committee Affairs Department between businesswomen and relevant government agencies.
This came during a remote meeting held by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Business Women Center, on Monday, October 19, 2020, with Jubail businesswomen, as part of the center’s activities to introduce the services it provides in order to meet the needs of the region’s businesswomen.
Alwabel clarified that the Chamber is always keen to provide distinguished training bags in various administrative, accounting, legal, and other fields, as well as professional employment services and meet the needs of the business sector of national competencies, pointing to what the center is constantly working on in terms of developing subscriber services and finding ways to improve The level of these services and that it is active in organizing many women’s events with economic dimensions, and works to receive delegations of businesswomen and student delegations, and participates in local and foreign exhibitions to define the role of the center in serving businesswomen, pointing out that the center creates and updates databases and information on businesswomen continuously.
Alwabel talked about the executive councils and women’s committees affiliated with the center, and the related tasks they carry out in coordinating and following up on regulations and decisions related to sectors related to women and proposing amendments to them in light of practical implementation, studying draft systems and decisions, giving opinions on them, in addition to activating women’s participation in the district councils and membership. Other national and governmental committees, developing mechanisms of communication with the business community and ensuring equal opportunities, as well as activating the participation of businesswomen in international and local forums.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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