Women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs review their experiences in the pioneers dialogue in the Asharqia Chamber
Saudi business leaders emphasized that investment opportunities in the Kingdom are numerous and exist in various fields, and the entrepreneur should seize them and immediately start their implementation paths, pointing to the need for a pioneer or entrepreneur to raise the slogan (decision, then persistence), and be patient to reach the goals to be achieved, and work On providing their expertise with experiences around them in their chosen fields, and that success comes when belief in the idea, work and insistence on implementing it begins, calling on entrepreneurs and business leaders to have a good familiarity with all aspects of the project, as it pushes to increase their ability to face challenges and develop solutions to address them.
This came during the pioneers dialogue meeting, held by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Young Businesswomen Council, in cooperation with the Chamber’s Hospitality and Entertainment Committee, on the evening of Wednesday October 21, 2020, through visual communication technology, in the presence of many young women and men of business in the Eastern Province.
The meeting, titled “Pioneers of Investment Success in Light of the Crisis,” and moderated by the radio presenter, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hashem, was hosted by the founding partner of (The Gathering and Qamra), Professor Saja Fahad Al-Husseini, and the founder and CEO of (Shgardi App), Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Mousa.
For her part, Al-Husseini, she confirmed that the Corona crisis was for her and her work team an opportunity to launch her new project, “Qamra” for advanced luxury camping, which consists of fully-built, environmentally friendly luxury camping units, which were launched at the highest peaks of Mount Souda, noting that the crisis We also had an opportunity to launch a new and innovative camping project. It was an opportunity for the Saudi citizen to rediscover the nature and beauty of our country.

Al-Hassani said that, with persistence and determination, the project exceeded its challenges, pointing out that audacity is the basis of success, and that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs should be owners of new and innovative ideas and be bold in implementing their ideas on the ground, and indicated that the crisis has opened new doors for investment. And that the Kingdom today is a catalyst for investment, especially in the tourism sector, advising young business men and women not to take time to think without implementation, and to make sure to publish their successful experiences so that they can be a reference for others wishing to do business, stressing at the same time the need to start the project To mastery, because it is the right entrance to building a good project.
For this part, Al-Mousa said that the Shgardi application is a delivery application that links delivery agents to customers, and that it started from the eastern region, specifically from the city of Khobar and then to the rest of the Kingdom, indicating that the crisis enabled us to start, as it represented the right time for us, so we intensified efforts and made bold decisions and considered us On the one hand, the project is a national duty that supports the community in light of the closure that has taken place, and on the other hand, a commercial opportunity that we must exploit.
Al-Mousa stressed the importance of reading successful experiences and consulting their owners, as it gives a pioneer or entrepreneur a full knowledge of the various aspects of the project and its problems, and how to deal with them, advising not to stop too much at the element that the market has many players, so what entrepreneurs have to do is strive to research, study and fully prepare.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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