Baghdad / NINA / - The price of Basra Heavy crude rose, on Thursday, for the second day in a row, to record more than $106 a barrel.

Basra Heavy crude, exported to Asia, rose 24 cents, a change of 0.23%, to reach $106.63 per barrel.

All OPEC crude prices also rose, as Iran's heavy mix recorded $112.03, an increase of 0.87 cents, while the price of Angolan Girassol crude reached $120.96, an increase of $1.74, while the UAE's Murban crude reached $119.54, an increase of 0.41 cents, and Saudi Arabian crude reached $116.00, an increase of 0.40 cents, while Algeria's Sahran blend scored $121.90, an increase of $1.82, and Nigeria's Bonny crude amounted to $122.03, an increase of $1.50.

Oil prices rose during the past two days with limited global crude oil production and the embargo imposed on Russian oil, the second largest oil producer in the world.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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