There is a remarkable turnout from private companies and institutions.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Human Resources Fund participate in Careers 2019.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the General Organization for Technical and Technical Education, and the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) are participating as supporting partners within the government agencies participating in the 7th edition of Careers 2019 organized by the Eastern Chamber under the patronage of HRH Prince Saud bin Nayef The period (14-17 / 17/2019), on the grounds of Dhahran International Company (Dhahran Expo).

The exhibition is witnessing a remarkable turnout of companies and institutions to participate in the most prominent event in the field of employment in the region, where this copy received attention by companies and institutions and government agencies and civic organizations concerned with the development of human resources, which began to reserve places in the exhibition in preparation for participation.

The Chamber provided an electronic platform through which companies participating in the exhibition can identify the data of researchers about the work of applicants to the exhibition and registered on the website through contact data or barcode sent to the registrants in the site on their e-mail.

The beneficiary can register electronically - which is mandatory - through the registration icon on the website of the exhibition, which was made available by the Asharqia Chamber through the home page of its website, so that he can then directly enter the exhibition without the need for registration, also does not have to bring a resume or Print or photocopy them to copies to be submitted to existing companies, as all information in the CV will be registered on the website and companies can view them directly when attending the exhibition, and this service saves effort and time on requesters Job seekers and eliminate what can distract them from the main objective so that they can review the appropriate career opportunities for them.

The early registration service means that all the information of job applicants will be in the database of participating companies directly, enabling them to choose the competencies and communicate with them directly without the need to deal in paper.

It is worth mentioning that the sixth edition of the exhibition aims to support the efforts of jobs settlement in the private sector, highlighting the role of the business sector in attracting national talent, providing job opportunities for Saudi youth, and achieving communication between the business sector on the one hand, and training and employment service providers and resource management specialists. The exhibition is an essential channel for job seekers and opens the door to national competencies, which are looking for job opportunities that highlight their energy, achieve their personal aspirations, and support the development options that have no limits.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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