The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber: Businessmen interact with the Chamber’s calls to withdraw their investments and commercial transactions from countries hostile to the Kingdom confirming the extent of commitment to their national duty

The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, praised the immediate response and positive interaction shown by the Kingdom’s businessmen from all regions with the Chamber’s calls to withdraw from the economies of countries with hostile orientations to the Kingdom, and the transfer of their investments and commercial transactions and the import of goods and products either to the inside of the growth in a successive manner By the grace of God first and then the insightful vision that our rational government-approved, or to other friendly countries that have great and deep-rooted interests with the Kingdom, saying: (This response and this interaction from businessmen, only confirms the extent of commitment to their national duty and their affiliation to this giving country).
Asharqia Chamber and a number of the Kingdom’s chambers had issued invitations warning businessmen against the consequences of investing in Turkey after many of them were subjected to coercion, theft, and extortion during the past year; The incidence of harassment and threats against Saudi investors increased a lot, and they faced problems and issues that threatened their investments, amid an unjustified absence from the Turkish authorities that did not fulfill their duty to protect Saudi investors.
Al-Khaldi said that the chamber is still opening its doors to all businessmen to introduce them to the safer countries that are able to protect their investments and properties and are linked to the Kingdom with deep-rooted trade agreements and relations, noting that many businessmen who were investing in Turkey or other countries that are hostile to the kingdom or have commercial dealings, Contact the Chamber about the opportunities available either at home or in friendly and safer countries to transfer their investments and dealings to them.
Al-Khaldi pointed out that the number of problems faced by the Saudi investors in Turkey, especially those who were investing in the real estate sector, did not obtain ownership bonds and were prevented from entering their homes, despite having paid the full value of the property, and they are threatened by the contracting companies, and they do not receive their housing in The specific times agreed in the contracts, once again inviting businessmen to be careful not to invest in troubled countries, or that do not preserve rights or protect foreign investors, stressing that businessmen’s awareness of the extent to which countries implement investor protection measures is as important as profit accounts and loss.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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