Tabuk’s Camel Riders Carry on Eid Tradition

Tabuk, During Eid Al-Fitr, a time-honored tradition comes alive in Tabuk's deserts. The camel rider procession resounds across the plains, with their rhythmic chants, known as 'Hajini,' filling the air with the region's rich heritage. The Saudi Press Agency reports on the unique Eid celebrations within Tabuk's nomadic communities. These customs blend tradition with modern touches, reflecting their deep desert roots. The profound connection with camels, symbols of resilience, is evident as they are adorned for the processions. Their hooves beat out the rhythm of the Hajini - a jubilant celebration of Eid's renewal. Named after the purebred riding camels, the Hajini showcases poetic verses recited by the riders. Themes of patriotism and artistic expression intertwine with the melodic chants, crafting a harmonious soundscape that complements the camels' graceful movements.