University of Hail Continues Supporting Scientific Research

Hail, The University of Hail, represented by its Deanship of Graduate Studies, is continuing achieving excellence in scientific research and sustainable development in various majors in line with a wider strategic endeavor seeking to practical scientific solutions and approaches.
Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Majed bin Mohaia Al-Haisoni pointed out that the University of Hail has achieved an outstanding progress in research and in linking scientific research with development plans, adding that the university published a total of 1,118 working papers in 2019-2020 that met all the academic requirements of the Science Network Database.
He also said that the university has funded more than 273 researches on various subjects, including 41 on the coronavirus with a budget exceeding SR22 million.
Dr. Al-Haisoni noted that academic studies conducted by the university have been cited by a total of 23,431 researches, adding that the University of Hail has also funded 6 research and innovation projects.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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