Baghdad, The State of Law Coalition called on the official authorities to stop the project of granting Saudi land to invest in the Badia of Iraq (Karbala, Najaf Al-Muthanna), considering this matter has serious repercussions on the security and sovereignty of the country, as well as that it contributes to damaging Iraq’s strategic stockpile of groundwater. .

The coalition stated in a statement that: it considers this decision to raise many doubts and questions about the objectives of its issuance at this time, especially since this project was proposed more than once during the time of previous governments and had been rejected for water and security strategic considerations, and because it carries with it a lot of transgression on the rights of Iraqis and opens the door to a new colonialism under the rubric of investment.

The coalition stressed “the necessity to stop the license for the project, which gives Saudi Arabia 150,000 dunams in the desert of Iraq, calling on the original Iraqi tribes and all national forces to reject the project and stop it.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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