Kuwait, An official source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed today, the appreciation of the State of Kuwait for the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and which resulted in the acceptance by the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council of the mechanism proposed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the speedy implementation and activation of the Riyadh agreement in a manner that preserves the Yemeni people interests and enables the Yemeni government to carry out its activities from Aden and to reinforce efforts to end the Yemeni crisis in all its dimensions.
The source called on all parties in Yemen to unite to achieve security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and to reach a political solution to the crisis in accordance with the three references agreed upon in the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanisms and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and Security Council Resolution 2216.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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