Dr. Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh renewed the Kingdom's support for the legitimacy of Yemen and all efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis in Yemen.

He added that "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to its political stand with the legitimacy in Yemen, has not ignored the humanitarian side and extended a helping hand to the needy."

Dr. Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh also renewed warning against the threat of terrorism and terrorist organizations to the stability of the security situation and the progress of development programs in all countries of the world.

In this regard, he called for concerted efforts to confront all forms of terrorism and its organizations, pointing out that Saudi Arabia, like many other countries, has suffered from terrorism and led many international efforts to combat it at all levels.

He said, "We cannot talk about the danger of terrorism and supporting terrorists without reference to the Iranian regime and its hostile policies and acts of terrorism, the export of terrorist ideology and support for its organizations, and interfere in the internal affairs of countries, especially in our Islamic world without respect for the fundamentals of true religion or principles of good neighborliness." He stressed rejection of Iran's policies as rejected by the Charter of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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