SCE: Sitra oil tank leak contained

The Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) has announced that a leak in one of the oil tanks belonging to Bapco Energies in Sitra has been contained. The SCE said that the leak was caused by a limited technical defect resulting from the weather conditions and heavy rainfall witnessed by Bahrain recently. The Council asserted that as soon as the leak was detected, it coordinated with the relevant entities to take the necessary procedures, including the closure of the region surrounding the leak site, as well as controlling the leak and repairing the defect. The SCE reassured the citizens and residents, affirming that the competent authorities have taken the necessary measures to address the technical defect, while preserving the safety of everyone. The SCE commended the cooperation of the Interior Ministry, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defence, with Bapco Energies' security and safety teams, to contain the leak and ensure public safety. Source: Bahrain News Agency