Riyadh, The Saudi Salam Forum, organized by the Peace Project for Cultural Communication at the headquarters of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), will start here tomorrow evening with the participation of a number of creative young people in the fields of humanitarian action, culture, though.

The forum aims at building common concepts of co-existence and bridging communication between the Saudi society and other societies in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, which stressed the importance and necessity of spreading the culture of coexistence and civilized communication among different peoples and societies, as well as the presentation of models that reflect the Kingdom's contributions in the field of civilization and promote the concepts of coexistence, tolerance and peace.

The event will contain a series of events, including the announcement of the results of a short film competition for 50 films, including films for students in a number of countries, like the US, the UK, Australia and Japan and their counterparts from young people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from a number of countries to promote the spirit of dialogue and common human values, and to stimulate exchange of experiences through dialogue to promote a culture of coexistence and principle of mutual respect among different cultures.

In addition, the Salam Project for Cultural Communication will host international figures interested in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its culture, heritage, and arts in an event entitled "Stories of Peace, in which everyone reviews his/her personal experiences during his/her stay in Saudi Arabia and talk about the positive aspects of coexistence, peace, communication and respect for others.

The forum will be accompanied by an art exhibition that includes a number of works of art, graphic art and photography, with various materials, techniques, and artistic themes through a series of works by a number of young artists belonging to various artistic schools.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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