The statement added that “We have seen in recent weeks, the launching of heavy unleashed military aggression against Aleppo and its neighboring areas with severe consequences on civilians. Reports indicate that hundreds of civilians were either killed, injured or affected by the relentless attack against east of Aleppo. There are no hospitals operating in eastern Aleppo or are able to save survivors of death. ”
The statement said that the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs and Coordinator of Emergency Aid “Has recently submitted a report that about one million Syrians living under siege and civilians being isolated while starving and shelling them with the denial of medical care and humanitarian aid, a deliberate cruelty that is exacerbating the suffering of the people and the destruction and defeat of civilian population who cannot defend themselves to achieve political and military gains and in some times economic one. In addition that the attacks against the civilian infrastructure, particularly hospitals and schools have become commonplace. Such attacks are in violation of international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes, according to the Secretary General of the United Nations. ”
The statement concluded by saying, “Given all these horrific circumstances, we strongly believe that the convening of an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly is justifiable which the Syrian people deserve from all of us.”




Source: Saudi Press Agency

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