Riyadh, Saudi ports being supervised by the Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI), achieved an increase in containers handling during the month of August 2020 by 664,000 containers, marking a 12% increase compared to the same period of the previous year.
According to the statistical index issued by MAWANI, Saudi Arabia’s ports achieved an increase in the total number of transshipment, a total of 225,000 containers, marking an increase of 21%. Saudi Arabia’s ports also achieved a 20% increase in total foodstuffs, a total of 2,4 million tons. The number of imported vehicles reached 39,000, while the number of livestock was 181,000 heads.
This remarkable increase recorded by Saudi Arabia’s ports comes in line with strategic partnerships established by MAWANI with major international shipping lines, which contributed to the launch of four transcontinental shipping lines this year. The shipping lines have contributed to enhancing the strength of linking the Kingdom’s ports with the East-West ports.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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