Riyadh, The first session of Saudi Media Forum, titled "Media Content and Behavior of the Masses", has dealt with ideas and information in the new media environment, and its relation in shaping the public opinion.

The session, moderated by Dr. Amal Al-Hazani, discussed the power of content as a component of public opinion, as well as the politicization of media content to serve political agendas.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Public Diplomacy, Dr. Saud Kateb, explained that the nineties stage of the media crowned the paper press on the throne. However, he added that the media industry has changed and evolved in the modern era, and the transfer of content and media message goes through cutting-edge modern technologies.

At the "Role of Journalism in Leading Change" session, presented by Norwegian News Director of NRK, Helje Solberg, they discussed the impact of the media on the minds of individuals to shape people's lifestyle.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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