Saudi Falcons Club Auction Reaches Over SAR6 Million in Sales by Day 25

Riyadh - The Saudi Falcons Club auction, a significant event for auction enthusiasts and falconers, has successfully generated over SAR6 million in sales by its 25th day. The auction is held at the club's headquarters in Malham, north of Riyadh, and has attracted a large number of participants from both the Kingdom and the region.

According to Saudi Press Agency, four falcons were sold on Monday for a total of SAR319,000, bringing the cumulative sales to SAR6,004,000. The auction has been a focal point for falconers and enthusiasts, showcasing the cultural significance and investment interest in falcons within the region.

The proceeds from this auction are earmarked for several key purposes. They will support further investment in falcons, facilitate the organization of future auctions, and streamline the processes of buying and selling these prized birds. This initiative underscores the growing interest in falconry in Saudi Arabia and its importance as both a cultural heritage and a lucrative investment opportunity.

Additionally, the Saudi Falcons Club has made the auction accessible to a wider audience by streaming it live on television channels and across the club’s social media accounts. This move has allowed for greater participation and engagement from enthusiasts who cannot attend in person, further expanding the reach and impact of the event.