Riyadh, Saudi Customs has started on Sunday applying the selective tax on the imports of sweetened beverages, in compliance with the provisions of the Unified Agreement on Selective Tax of the GCC Countries, applied by the General Authority for Zakat and Income.

Sweetened beverages specified by the General Authority for Zakat and Income include any product added to it a source of sugar or other sweeteners produced for the purpose of drinking as a ready-to-drink drink, concentrates, powders, gel, preparations or any form that can be converted into a drink, while Selective tax applies to sweetened beverages with milk and its substitutes, at a rate of 75% or above.

The customs procedures taken by the Saudi Customs at its crossings will contribute to achieving the objectives of the application of selective tax, in cooperation and coordination with the General Authority for Zakat and Income, where the selective tax is imposed on goods that have negative effects on public health or the environment in varying proportions, including soft drinks, energy drinks, sweetened beverages, electronic smoking devices and the like, liquids used in such electronic devices and the like, tobacco and its derivatives.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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