New York, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mouallimi, participated yesterday in the meeting of OIC Members States representatives, chaired by UAE in United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi, who is also the Chairman of the Islamic Group for Terrorism Combating on behalf of OIC Members Stares, presents the cases that the members agreed upon after consultations between them.

Al-Mouallimi’s speech included 20 items on the cases and members’ position toward different cases including their role in terrorism combating, call to implement the strategy of terrorism combating, and confirming the importance of following the rule of law and peace and security. He added that terrorism must not be associated with a race, religion, or nationality, adding that any term related to religion must be avoided like “ the Islamic State”.

He also presented another item stating that any initiative that is not approved by UN members should be avoided and not welcomed. Another item that he presented states that all forms of racism, racial discrimination, and calls for violence and hate for foreigners and Muslims must be combated. He added that the system of sanctions applied by United Nations Security Council should be expanded to include all terrorist organizations and terrorist actions, adding that all members must adopt a comprehensive strategy strengthening their capacities to protect the critical infrastructures from any terrorist attacks.

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi also called for intensifying international cooperation, exchanging information, and capacity building to combat terrorism.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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