With regard to disseminating information and enabling everyone to access them, Al-Balawi explained that the competent authorities in the Kingdom are publishing all information related to Covid-19 epidemic where the Ministry of Health has published and publishes a daily statistic of numbers of cases of this epidemic, its spread and all that relates to it, as well as creating a continuously updating electronic board that includes accurate details on this matter that can be accessed by everyone.
The Head of the Human Rights Section of the Kingdom’s delegation to the United Nations added that press conferences being held periodically by the Ministry of Health and other concerned parties are available to all media, as journalists are provided with the necessary protection in light of this pandemic in recognition of their vital role.
Concerning access to the Internet, he said: The number of users of the Internet represents a clear witness of the implementation of this right.
He indicated that as an extension of efforts to promote freedom of opinion and expression, many laws related to freedom of opinion and expression are currently being reviewed, in light of the Kingdom’s regulations and international human rights standards, to ensure that such regulations play their pivotal role in protecting the fundamental principles set forth in the international standards, including public health, so as not to negatively affect the enjoyment of everyone to have full right to express his views.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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