Tehran, Jumada I 2, 1435, Mar 3, 2014, SPA — Saudi ambassador-designate to Iran Abdulrahman bin Gharman Al-Shihri today presented his credentials as ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Islamic Republic of Iran to President Hasan Rohani.
During the audience, President Rohani said Iran is determined to maintain and expand its cordial and fraternal relations with Islamic countries, particularly the neighboring countries. In this context, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a special status, he said.
He pointed to the leverage of both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran in the region and the Islamic world, adding that Tehran and Riyadh possess great potentials to develop and consolidate relations between themselves.
He went on to say that ” no doubt, cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia would be of great benefit to the stability and security of the entire region”.
The Iranian President also said his country is determined to upgrade the level of bilateral relations, noting that the Iranian government is planning, in the coming period, to develop relations with sisterly countries and the friendly country of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all political, economical, and cultural fields as well as cooperate and exchange viewpoints in all regional and international issues.
The Iranian President went on to say that it was sure that cooperation between the two countries would lead to creating more convenient circumstances to the region.
For his part, the ambassador confirmed that good relations between the two countries and leaders of the two countries would be an important factor to expand relations between themselves, expressing the hope of the two sides to boost their bilateral relations to better levels.
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