Riyadh Hosts Conference on High-Reliability Healthcare Practices

Riyadh - The Quality, Leadership, and Pursuit of Zero Harm Conference, organized by King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSHandRC) in partnership with the Joint Commission International and Joint Commission Arabia, commenced in Riyadh today. The conference aims to promote high-reliability practices in healthcare, as per a press release from KFSHandRC. The two-day event focuses on innovative methods to provide a harm-free healthcare environment and medical care.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the first day of the conference included workshops on risk management and error prevention in healthcare. The event targets healthcare sector leaders and practitioners, emphasizing the principles of high reliability in healthcare institutions. It serves as a platform for sharing ideas and best practices on implementation and discusses challenges in applying high-reliability practices in healthcare settings.

The second day will feature panel discussions on high-reliability organizations, comparing strategies in the nuclear energy and aviation industries. Discussions will cover sustainable high reliability in healthcare, practical applications, and impact on medical and nursing teams. A special focus will be on KFSHandRC’s efforts to ensure harm-free healthcare services.

This event marks a significant step in KFSHandRC's commitment to promoting a secure healthcare environment. The conference highlights the hospital's emphasis on safety through specialized training and awareness programs, setting a regional benchmark for safe and dependable patient care.