Qassim, The Qassim Education Department, represented by the Training and Scholarship Departments for Boys and Girls, has launched 70 virtual training programs within the summer professional development programs for educational employees for the year 1441H.
The Departments of Training and Scholarships have approved 28 training programs for boys with a total number of hours exceeding 332 training hours provided by 15 trainers, and 42 training programs for girls with a total hours exceeding 320 training hours provided by 20 trainers, targeting 4200 beneficiaries.
The Director of the Training and Scholarships Department for Boys Muhammad Al-Rubaish indicated that summer professional development offers qualitative development programs, stressing that distance training comes in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision that supports this technical trend in response to the requirements of the current stage to confront the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to raise the level of professional development efficiency and sustainability among the educational employees of the region and update and improve their skills.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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