President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, this afternoon at the Presidential Palace.

Minister Mawlawi briefed the President on the security situation, in light of the reports received since yesterday afternoon and throughout this day, which witnessed a protest movement and road blocking, called for by the public transport sector.

Minister Mawlawi also informed President Aoun of what the Ministry of Interior is doing in the electoral process, after the issuance of a decree calling on electoral bodies to open the door for nominations.

In addition, Minister Mawlawi stressed that “The security situation is very tight and the security apparatuses keep pace with the movements, based on the instructions I gave them yesterday afternoon”.

“Keeping up with the movements is good and coordination between the various security apparatuses was good to protect citizens and ensure freedom of demonstration in safety, stability and protection” Mawlawi said.

Moreover, the Interior Minister emphasized that “The electoral process will take place, and no one should be afraid that the elections will not take place”, calling on the citizens and candidates to work and prepare for the elections.


Source: National News Agency

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