• Striking officials close Egypt-Libya border

    Ashraf Abdul-Wahab
    TRIPOLI — Egyptian customs officials on the Libyan-Egyptian border went on strike Friday and closed the border to all traffic except Egyptians returning from Libya. According to Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd, the officials were demanding that they be given …

  • Smallest Cabinet in over four decades takes over in Jordan

    AMMAN — King Abdullah Saturday swore in a trim cabinet line-up of 19 members led by reformist Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur who merged several portfolios to cut spending, the new information minister said.

    The new government, the smallest in Jordan …

  • ‘Aleppo button’ disease afflicts the war-torn city

    ALEPPO — The latest affliction to hit weary residents of Aleppo is written on their faces. Some call it the “Aleppo button”, a welt caused by leishmaniasis, an illness that is sweeping the Syrian city.

    Transmitted by flies, …

  • Benghazi official assaulted

    Maha Ellawati

    BENGHAZI — The secretary to Benghazi Local Council, Mahmoud Subaihi, was attacked and beaten up by militiamen at the weekend.

    “He was attacked while in his office”, Benghazi Local Council member Sadiq Al-Zlitini, told the Libya Herald.…

  • Prosecutor orders arrest of popular Egyptian TV satirist

    CAIRO — Egypt’s public prosecutor Saturday ordered the arrest of popular satirist Bassem Youssef over alleged insults to Islam and to President Mohamed Morsi, in the latest clampdown on critical media.

    Judicial sources told AFP that several complaints had …

  • Dialogue is only way to avoid civil war, says Hadi

    Yemeni President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi (center) addresses a national dialogue in Sana’a, Saturday. The dialogue, scheduled to run six months, brings together 565 representatives of Yemen’s various political groups — from secessionists in the south to Zaidi Shiite rebels …

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