Over 250 Scouts Serve 60,000 Voluntary Hours in the Service of Visitors to the Grand Mosque

The Ministry of Education yesterday launched its seasonal initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan to serve visitors to the Grand Holy Mosque; one such initiative entails having the Bader Scout Centre perform 60,000 hours of voluntary work during Ramadan, in cooperation with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque, the Prophet’s Holy Mosque, and security forces, covering all field trails. More than 250 scouts will help visitors at the Grand Holy Mosque, in its various courtyards and on the roads leading to it.

The voluntary teams from the Bader Centre start their voluntary work after Al-Asr (afternoon) prayer and continue until midnight; their programme includes distributing dates and coffee to fasting people at the tawaf area during iftar. Scouts also guide worshippers within the Grand Holy Mosque after having followed certain courses set by the mosque security forces, at the tawaf and sai entrances, to help organise the crowds.

Source: Saudi Press Agency