According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), since early this year (2020) to date, 937-Service Center has handled more than 20 Million calls, including 5.1 Million medical consultations, 1.3 Million reports, 5.4 Million general inquiries, 1.4 Million requests for booking appointments at primary healthcare centers (PHCs), and 2 Million COVID-19 related inquiries.

It is worth mentioning that 937-Service Center features over 3,000 customer service specialists and a doctor, working through various channels, including telephone, social media, email, e-applications, and instant chat on MOH website. The Center operates 24/7, with all its available channels, such as: 937-call center, Twitter, 937 e-mail, live chat on MOH’s website, «Ishara» app for people with hearing impairment (deaf and hard of hearing), in addition to chat on WhatsApp number: 92000593. The center provides several services, including medical consultation by qualified doctors, appointment reservation at PHCs, smoking cessation clinic appointments, and technical support for MOH e-applications, medical referrals, treatment requests, complaints and reporting, receiving suggestions and creative ideas, general inquiries, and transaction follow-up.

Source: Ministry of Health

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