National Center for Wildlife in Riyadh Discovers Unique Scorpion Species

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - The National Center for Wildlife has made a significant discovery, identifying a new species of scorpion belonging to the Leiurus genus in the Majami Al-Hadb Reserve, located in the southern part of Riyadh.

According to Saudi Press Agency, this discovery was confirmed based on the unique shape and genetic analysis of the scorpion. This new species marks a notable addition to the global understanding of scorpions, increasing the total number of known species in this genus to 22 worldwide, with five of these species found in Saudi Arabia.

The discovery was featured in the September 7, 2023, issue of the renowned scientific journal Zookeys, and the new species has been added to both the Zoobank and Genbank lists. The National Centre for Wildlife is conducting further research to determine the prevalence of this new scorpion species and assess its future prospects. This effort is part of the center's broader mission to care for and conserve wildlife, aiming to preserve Saudi Arabia's environmental balance and biodiversity.