During a workshop organized by the Eastern Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance

More than 690,000 payment orders issued by "Etemad" and 182,000 competitions launched by the platform.

Abdullah Amira, a "platform of credit" at the Ministry of Finance that the platform issued payment orders of more than 690 thousand orders, noting that the number of user accounts from the private sector exceeds 52 thousand users, pointing out that the number of competitions put forward through the "adoption" exceeded 182 thousand competitions .

Amira said during the workshop organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the programs and activities of the Contracting Committee entitled Accreditation Platform '' Tuesday 8 October 2019 and moderated by Board Member and Chairman of the Committee Hamad bin Hamoud Al-Hammad, that the "adoption" electronic platform for government financial services to various government agencies and the private sector The adoption of a leading electronic platform for government financial transactions promotes transparency in the procedures and contributes to the development of the economy and achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, pointing out that the digital transformation through the automation of all the services of the Ministry of Finance through Procedures and full supervision of contracts and follow-up and raise the efficiency of government spending.

He explained that "Etemad" aims to reduce the default of projects by unifying the procedures of raising financial claims, disbursement and payment orders, etc. for all government entities, as well as to provide greater opportunity for the participation of emerging and medium enterprises, in addition to full supervision of contracts and follow-up as well as the implementation of projects. As well as see the schedule of payments due and forthcoming and prepare for them.

He pointed out that the bodies used for the platform "Etemad" is the government agencies that submit their applications and statements to the Ministry of Finance as well as the Ministry of Finance by receiving requests from government agencies and processing and disbursement of payments and centers of excellence to monitor performance such as the Center for completion and rapid intervention, as well for researchers and decision-makers to provide different and statistical information.

He pointed out that the services of the platform "Etimad: is to provide electronic services in all matters relating to the budget of government agencies and the necessary movements through the distribution of the budget and strengthen the budget and the presentation of the budget and budget planning and budget transfers, in addition to tender and examination of offers and awarding electronically also enables the private sector has access to tenders, receiving invitations, purchasing brochures and submitting them electronically.

He stressed that the platform is working to provide the availability of solidarity contracts and the evaluation of suppliers and the provision of grievance and the request for extension and pre-qualification and subsequent rehabilitation soon, adding that the platform provides management of everything related to contracts and baptisms for electronic registration until obtaining the necessary approvals from the government and the Ministry of Finance through the registration of contracts and clearance of contracts, as well as enabling government agencies to submit financial claims for their projects with suppliers through the orders of disbursement and payment electronically.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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