The Minister of Health drew attention to many precautions that the Kingdom has made to mitigate the impact of the globally outbreak of the virus and to stop its rapid spread, expressing hope that these precautions will help preventing the spread of the pandemic, in the future.

He also referred to what the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques mentioned in his speech on the global crisis and major challenges, as the next phase will be more difficult, indicating that there are great efforts to be exerted to make the Kingdom ready to tackle the coming consequences, lying ahead.

Dr. Al-Rabiah praised the measures taken, whether in suspending attendance at workplaces, in all government agencies, or the measures that were taken, in the private sector, in cooperation with government agencies, indicating that many of them remotely work and hold meetings, offering thanks to the private sector on its active contributions towards the crisis, including telecommunications companies that provided free data and internet communication services for important applications, such as Sehha app and distance education applications, and to a group of businessmen who stated that they will exempt many tenants from rent payment, during these periods, stressing that there are great contributions, as well made by the private sector.

He highlighted the keenness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques government to support the health sector with financial back up, to provide best services, in this period, adding that the government, always, strongly supports the health sector and spend generously, in this regard, notably in this crisis which witnessed a great support.

The minister confirmed that citizens and the residents, alike, are also responsible in fighting, resisting and controlling this virus, stressing that we are partners, and as a matter of citizenship, I ask all citizens and residents to implement the important measures, ahead of which is staying at their homes as much as possible and not to go-out except for necessity, and reducing gatherings and physical communication, to contributes to limit the spread of this virus.

He expressed the pride of all health sector workers for the thanks extended to them by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, stressing that they are performing a national duty and they are at the frontline of defense and work day and night to provide the best preventive services to protect this country from the pandemic.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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