As part of MC plan for the upcoming of Eid Al-Fitr Occasion, the Ministry’s inspectors are carrying out proactive inspection tours on Zakat al-Fitr outlets, clothing and Eid staff stores, sweets and gifts shops, gold and jewelry stores, which attract the consumers during this period.

These inspection tours aim to ensure the continuity of the commercial establishments’ work in providing their services to the consumers, in light of the current precautionary measures applied to combat Covid-19, as well as to monitor the functioning of the food supply chains.

MC inspection teams also verify the compliance of the commercial establishments with the regulations relevant to consumer protection, in addition to monitoring the marketing offers and discounts that the shops and commercial stores announce during this period, to ensure that there is no deception or manipulation towards the consumers, besides taking all legal measures against any violation and imposing the proper penalties on the violators.

Source: Ministry of Commerce and Investment

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