Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, and the head of the 'Democratic Gathering', MP Taymour Jumblatt, held a coordination meeting with a delegation of '1948 Arabs' from the occupied Palestinian territories, led by activist Saeed Nafaa, in the city of Larnaca in Cyprus, with the participation of MP Wael Abu Faour, former Minister Ghazi Al-Aridi and Mrs. Nora Jumblatt. Discussions centered on ways to enhance communication and cooperation in various fields and to emphasize the Arab identity of all segments of the Palestinian people. In his address during the meeting, Jumblatt said: "After a long period of interruption for subjective and objective reasons, and the outbreak of the revolution of the Arab peoples - I do not like the term 'Arab Spring' being an orientalist expression by the West, for the Arab people want their freedom and dignity as they are occupied by the regimes, just as Palestine is occupied by the Zionists - today we returned to communication, and what is important is having more of this communication, because today we have learned a lot about the well-known Arab community from inside occupied Palestine, and we want to continue with you on the basis of the Arab-Islamic national heritage, knowing that we are facing huge problems just like you...' Jumblatt touched in his word on the number of detainees inside the occupation prisons, and what the Zionist institutions are doing, stressing at the same time "the importance of ongoing commitment to the Palestinian cause and the full rights of the Palestinian people," expressing his belief in this context that the so-called two-state solution has failed. He considered that "things are heading towards more extremism in Israel...so we have to expect the worst...The danger is looming over all the people of the interior, not just the Druze Arabs, and the few moderate elites in Israeli society no longer exist." Jumblatt also shed light in his word on the conditions of the Druze Unitarians in Lebanon, referring to the establishment of the Institute of Monotheistic Sciences in Abey, in an attempt to reach the Higher Institute of Monotheistic Sciences which was in the past the project of his late father, Mentor Kamal Jumblatt, when he established the 'Irfan Al-Tawhid Foundation' with Sheikh Ali Zeineddine.

Source: National News Agency - Lebanon