Baghdad, The US Energy Information Administration announced today, Saturday, that Iraq’s exports of crude oil to America amounted to 3 million and 618 thousand barrels during the month of October.

According to a schedule of Administration, “Iraq exported crude oil to America during the first week of October, 343 thousand barrels, at a rate of 49 thousand barrels per day, while one million and 798 thousand barrels were exported in the second week, at a rate of 114 thousand barrels per day, while a quantity amounted to one million and 337 thousand barrels in the third week, “noting that” the fourth week witnessed the export of 679 thousand barrels, at a rate of 97 thousand barrels per day.”

The US Energy Information Administration stated that “Iraq came in sixth place after Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Colombia, and ranked second in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, whose exports to America during the month of October reached 9 million and 485 thousand barrels,” indicating that “Canada came first as the most countries oil exporter to America, followed by Mexico.”

It noted that “Iraqi exports for the month of October increased from the previous month of September, in which exports reached 3 million and 17 thousand barrels.”

America is the world’s largest consumer of oil, as it ranked first, with a consumption amounting to 19.4 million barrels per day, which constitutes 19.7% of the volume of global consumption.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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