Riyadh-- The Heritage Commission today signed a cooperation agreement with noon, an online shopping destination in the region, to work with noon's Mahali program, which has been designed to support and empower the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's local SMEs. A signing ceremony to celebrate the partnership, which took place at the Commission's headquarters, was attended by Heritage Commission CEODr. Jasir Suleiman Alherbish and General Manager, noon KSA, Ahmed Abdel Qader Gadouri.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Heritage Commission and noon seek to enable Saudi artisans to sell craft products and cultural heritage content online, securing reach to a wider audience via the Mahali program. The program aims to assist local entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, including those in the Saudi crafts sector, in order to improve the quality of craft products and their ability to compete in the local market.

Dr. Alherbish thanked Noon for its cooperation, remarking on the significant benefits gained through the agreement, which aligns with the Commission's efforts in partnership with the public and private sectors to support crafts workers and artisans across the Kingdom by facilitating access to and promoting their products. He further noted the multiple initiatives being undertaken by the Commission to develop the handicraft sector, including training programs to raise quality standards, and securing an audience for products through local and international outlets, exhibitions, events, and festivals.

Gadouri said: "Our collaboration with the Heritage Commission demonstrates our ongoing commitment to assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Mahali program helps local talent grow their businesses by providing them with the tools and services they need to reach a larger segment of customers in the region."

The noon Mahali program embodies the company's commitment to empowering local talent, which was one of the company's founding goals, as well as building a strong e-commerce platform that supports all entrepreneurs and SMBs, thereby contributing to the national economy's development.

The agreement falls within the wider efforts of the Heritage Commission to develop and advance the sector, support and motivate its practitioners, and strengthen partnerships with the public and private sectors as part of the development of the Kingdom's cultural sector in general and heritage fields in particular.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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