Riyadh, The Global Center for Mass Gatherings Medicine of the Ministry of Health has developed Salem tool COVID-19 as a measurement tool for assessing health risks in gatherings and events, and providing recommendations for enhancing health safety and preventing dangers of the novel COVID-19 virus, it was published on the Ministry's website https: // www.moh.gov.sa/HealthAwareness/EducationalContent/PublicHealth/Pages/016.aspx.//.

This is part of the Center's ongoing activities in coordinating the National Plan for Communicating During Risks, in addition to developing a public health risk warning system, including the novel COVID-19 virus.

It is worth mentioning that the center is a global center collaborating with the World Health Organization in the health and management of mass gatherings and human communities, and one of few international centers specialized in this field. The Center has achieved many accomplishments.

"Salem Tool" is a Saudi tool based on international standards for assessing the health risks of mass gatherings and directing ways to provide operational medical services. The Center has published more than 40 scientific researches in international journals during the last five years, and programs have also been developed on training in crowd health related areas such as "public health risk management, dealing with heat strokes", participating in qualitative research in the field of heat-related diseases "sunstrokes", and working on a national medical guide to deal with them.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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