This important step affirms the will of the brothers in Sudan and their keenness to achieve the interest of Sudan and maintain its security and stability and the aspirations of its people, stressing that the Kingdom will continue its efforts to remove the name of the Republic of Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism as a pivotal state contributing to the maintenance of security and peace, in its regional and international milieu.

Dr. Al-Assaf warned of the dangerous escalation in the Arab region due to terrorist acts that target the security of the Arabian Gulf and the security of the region, confirming that Iran's actions and moves threaten the stability and security of our countries and the safety of our citizens through terrorist militias backed by the Revolutionary Guards, attacking oil installations and ships, threatening the security of sea lanes and global navigation.

In this light, he called for the necessity of joining hands with the international community to stop the series of terrorist attacks that are trying to destabilize the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf and to condemn the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

He pointed out that the Kingdom highly appreciates in this context the outcomes of the extraordinary Makkah summit and the Arab consensus that Iran's behavior and its actions, including its interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, as they constitute threats to the security of the Arabian Gulf and the entire region.

Al-Assaf congratulated the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Somalia on the success of his rotatory presidency of the previous session of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq on his presidency of the current session of the Council, expressing appreciation of the Secretary-General of the League and his staff for their efforts to serve the joint Arab action.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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