Riyadh-- The Secretary-General of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) Dr. Mansour Al-Shammari explained that humanity knows nothing but tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of the other, and rejects everything that divides and does not bring people together.

Upon receiving here yesterday, an international delegation of religious leaders from around the world, Dr. Al-Shammari delivered a speech in which he said, “The world is going through transformations and changes that were not without the escalation of the intensity of extremist rhetoric and the repercussions of the post-coronavirus pandemic and new conflicts that multiplied the economic and social challenges, therefore, these unconventional variables require an unconventional and more flexible approach than before, based on partnership in dealing with these global challenges that are not related to religion, race, culture or place,"

"In light of the communication developments and technical revolutions, especially with regard to social media platforms, and the progressive shift that this represents, it increases the burdens of dealing with challenges, including the rapid spread of extremist content, targeting mainly youth groups, and even young people in particular, requiring concerted efforts so as not to encounter a more complex reality in the future, and we also call for the importance of developing joint strategies to deal with these challenges, provided that they are able to reach this technical and digital world that attracts young people, as we also emphasize the empowerment of women to practice their main role in developing the strategy based on the belief of women's role in society,"

He stressed that Etidal supports joint efforts in combating extremist ideas and ideologies, and fruitful cooperation in supporting and building international capacities to deal with the phenomenon of extremism and the use of Internet networks and social media platforms in spreading extremist ideas, affirming the importance of promoting the values of coexistence, understanding and human harmony among religions, civilizations and peoples with their various components so as to guarantee stability, peace and harmony for world as a whole.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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