On Monday 18 March 2019, the Executive Council of Asharqia Businesswomen Center in cooperation with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises will hold an extensive meeting on entrepreneurship, innovation and their importance for business leaders at the headquarter of the Chamber at 6 pm.

The meeting aims at educating business leaders about the importance of innovation and introducing creative ideas with regard to new projects that enhance their presence in the local market or introduce different mechanisms and steps that will improve the performance of their existing companies.

The meeting highlights the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation and their importance for business leaders, and their role in achieving the achievements of women in the field of business and finance.

The Chairman of the Executive Council of Businesswomen in Asharqia Chamber, Maram Bint Saeed Al Jishi, said that the meeting comes within the activities and programs of the Council for the current year, as it discusses a number of topics of interest to women entrepreneurs in the current period, such as the business environment in the Kingdom and its suitability for women under the umbrella of Vision 2030, the importance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, and the role that creative leadership can play in achieving a successful business process, and other related issues with project financing such as when does the entrepreneur start looking for funding?

She pointed out that the meeting will include a presentation of distinctive experiences of business leaders who have created innovative projects and programs by introducing new and innovative elements in the world of finance and business, as they worked on developing their projects and finding successful solutions to societal challenges.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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